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My Mission

My mission is to provide compassionate and empathetic mental health services to help people:

  • Learn the skills to manage life's inevitable ups and downs
  • Make changes needed to heal from the past and grow toward a fulfilling future 
  • Learn to treat themselves with kindness and integrity
  • Find a reason to smile :)

My Values

Respect, Caring, Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality, Client Self-Determination

I am here for you.

You've already made the biggest step by being open to seek out help and I want you to know that I am already proud of you! You've found the right therapist, at the right time that is more than willing and capable of helping you, help you.  

I am here for you and will provide you with a safe, confidential space to let it all out so that you can make steps toward a healthier, happier you.  

I hope to talk to you soon :)

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